Brazilian Secret is a modern lingerie with a butt-lift effect. It is exclusive because can put together this effect with a thong-shape style. In order to follow fashion tendencies, Brazilian Secret lingeries are made in several colors, pictures and laces.
"If the using of bra with pad is most natural thing in the world, why do not follow the practice right down? Because (up to now) in the market, there was a beige-diapered panty with cheek-shape and there is not crazy woman to take this risk…

Brazilian Secret's lingerie is sexy, modern, thong-shaped and its main objective is butt lifting. With anatomic pad and cutting, the panty is perfect for who want to "up" the silhouette.

Due to pad is slight, it can be used by women who has voluminous hip. - Besides to create an 'gym effect'."
"Lifting effect" - Panties for increase the butt are in market for much time, but they are not so charming. Brazilian Secret innovates and launches a nice collection with thong-shaped panties, with anatomic cutting that shapes the butt. There are several colors, pictures and some of them with cute laces."
"Brazilian Secret, lingerie's trademark for exporting (sells in USA, Israel, Spain and South-American countries) has the registered mark of a panty which shapes the butt's silhouette and highlights the curves of body."
"As usual, there are several news for pleasing women's public. For those women who want to up their butts and run away from big panties, the sensation is the Brazilian Secret trademark."
"Carioca Butt - At Fashion Rio, when presented to a panty (from the center of Lingerie Fashion of Nova Friburgo) that lifts up women's butts, Rio de Janeiro's governor, Sérgio Cabral jokes: "Carioca's woman does not need it, but we can sell for other states."