Brazilian Secret is a modern lingerie with a butt-lift effect. It is exclusive because can put together this effect with a thong-shape style. In order to follow fashion tendencies, Brazilian Secret lingeries are made in several colors, pictures and laces.
"I always wanted to highlight my hip, but I didn't have courage for using a very big panty…I use Brazilian Secret's lingerie because of thong-shape format and the pad is unperceivable!"
Eliane Medeiros - Modelo e Make-up Stylist - RJ
"I think that Brazilian Secret's lingeries are incredible! It is so cute in the body. It is a pity that this lingerie has not come up earlier..."
Patrícia Vogel - Empresária - RJ
"It was awesome the moment I have known Brazilian Secret's lingeries! I love tricks which highlight the body, I always have wore bra with pads and, since now, the butt-lift panty! Perfect!"
Débora Almeida - Estudante - RJ
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